Interested in being interviewed? Want your book to be reviewed?

Below are my policies for both interviews and reviews.  One of the best things you can do is show a Blogger some respect by reading their policies (most/all Bloggers who do one or both will have a policy somewhere.)  Not all policies are the same so don't assume you know what they're asking for.  Plus, this is usually where they specify what genres/people they do or don't read/interview.  Oh, and don't send a generic to each and every reviewer/interviewer, we like it when you personalise it.

Due to my personal life, I'm not accepting review requests until further notice.

  • No Erotica, Picture books, Westerns or Graphic novels.
  • If it's a non-fiction book, it will depend on my interest in that area
  • Reviews will be done within a month; unless there is a specific time constraint
  • I do not declare the opinions in the review to be fact
  • When inquiring about a possible review, please include the following:
  1. An introduction - Why you are emailing, who you are. (Not a life story!)
  2. The blurb
  3. Genre
  4. Title
  5. Time constraints (If it is not released yet, when the release date is.)
  6. What formats you would be willing to give - paperback, kindle, e-reader...
  7. Any links I could benefit from - such as the website of the book(s)/you   


  • Questions will be selected by me; although they are negotiable
  • No irrelevant/personal questions will be asked
  • I expect answers to remain close to a proffessional standard
  • I DO NOT edit writers answers in any way, shape or form
  • I do request a head shot/photograph to accompany the final interview post
  • When inquiring about a possible interview, please include the following:
  1. An introduction - Why you are emailing, who you are (Again, no life stories!)
  2. What books you have published/are going to publish 
  3. Links to your websites and Blogs
  4. Time constraints 
If you would like to be interviewed and you are a writer— published, unpublished or indie— then please email me.  Details can be found on the contact page.