Thursday, 12 June 2014

Guest post: On Freelance Editing

First of all, I would like to thank Zoe for the opportunity to speak a little bit about freelance editing. Thanks!

I never planned on going into editing or freelance editing in particular. When I was asked by the owners of Creeping Hemlock Press to help proofread one of their titles in 2008 (Children of the New Disorder by Tim Lebbon & Lindy Moore) I was more than happy to jump into the editing realm with both feet. Lebbon has long been one of my favorite authors, so it was pretty much a dream job. In 2010, I helped with another Creeping Hemlock title (Campus Tramp by Lawrence Block, yes, that Lawrence Block).

What I thought would be a couple of fun gigs opened my eyes to something I now truly love—helping authors make the most of their stories. What does that mean? Well, I tell my clients that I don't just edit to correct proper grammar and spelling. Basically, if there is a way to improve a sentence I make note of it. I start at the sentence level and work my way up to the paragraph and chapter levels. Beyond the basics of a good proofreading, some of the things I look for that can greatly improve a manuscript include:

Sunday, 20 April 2014

RE: What is Wattpad – and should you use it?

Two years ago I wrote this post and basically encouraged anyone and everyone to try Wattpad. I talked about how it was a great tool and there were some fantastic unpublished works floating around on the site that were worth reading.

But now I’m back with a small health warning.

Naturally, a free site like Wattpad tempts teenagers – or more accurately: teenage girls – to sign up and post work. For the year that I was a member of the site I came across a lot of beautifully written stories, and a lot more not-so-beautifully written pieces. I uploaded some of my own work and received amazing, positive feedback and constructive criticism.

However, I witnessed the mechanics of the site change.