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Interview: Jesse Abundis

You can find Jesse on twitter @Jessenovels or on his website, here.

Me: Tell us about yourself.
Jesse: What can I say, I’m just a guy, with a very active imagination, random, sometimes says the things that leave you a shock but in a good way, whose passionate in the things I believe in and will fight tooth and nail for. I’m nothing extraordinary, I’m just simply me. Maybe that’s not what the readers want to read, but do they want to read about someone with a high opinion of himself/herself? I wouldn’t. We get enough of that in our daily lives.

I’ve been writing for nearly 12 years, taken my lumps, met some wonderful people, and discovered a lot about myself through that time. I’ve never been shy to write whatever comes to mind, so when people ask me what genre I write, I just say all of it. I’m not someone that likes to stay in one place, I have to keep moving. It’s the only you expand your mind, and just discovered something new. That’s what life is all about.

Me: What are you currently working on?
Jesse: Right now I’m gearing up for some big projects. First I’m releasing my second book of poetry MALADJUSTED which deals with the broken times, broken hearts, sex, new starts, trying to be with that one you love ,the frustration  of life, and just seeing a world that doesn’t understand you or never wants to bother to. I tend to write poetry when something is on my mind, I’m trying to discover something new about myself or the world around us. So I write when I’m pissed, mainly. That book will drop May 17 on and , and I want to give a huge shout out to Jackie who allowed me to use her photo for the cover. Can't thank her enough, she's my wild child.

Then my comic series Jesse & Runt is coming back July 1st   I’ve drawn others in the past, but this time I’m planning to make this comedy series into a monthly issue on my site. It’s 100% free and if you love fucked up shit, then this is up your alley for sure.

I’m also releasing my psycho thriller novel THE PERFECT WOMAN which is being proof read by the wonderful Tanya Marcy, which I’d like you guys to check her out at a site she’s been helping develop with a friend of hers (here) and her official site (here). She’s also a guest blogger on my site. And the cover design is being done by Ruth Lucas, a talented artist I just can’t say enough about, after this article, please check out her site (here). I can’t thank them enough, they’ve helped me so much that words can’t describe.

The book centers around a nameless man looking for his ideal mate, so he goes out into the streets of New York dating, wooing his potential souls mates and harvesting their body parts to form his ideal love. But the craziness of the story doesn’t end there, two amateur sleuths Karen and Peewee take it upon themselves  to investigate one of the missing victims after a desperate plead from the victims mother. Their search begins to reveal how deep this man's madness has gone, and what this serial killer will do to protect it. Little do they know that this rabbit hole goes deeper than they ever imagined and what it’ll bring to them.

THE PERFECT WOMAN is coming October 4. On and, it’ll be made downloadable for all ebook readers and Ipad and smartphones.

This last project, I’m hoping to have out this year, it’s still 50/50 it’s my paranormal/ sci-fi comic called Zero. It’s a comic that shows us what really happens after death and the war being waged. So, in a nut shell, I have a lot lined up. Life is good. I’m happy.

Me: What does your writing space look like? Is there music, coffee, food?
Jesse: It’s a room. With my desk, my desktop, my books, my papers and some music, depending on my mood. It’s just like sex, you have to be in the mood for it, or it just ends up giving you a headache. Food never, I can’t swing that. Coffee I do not drink. Shocking, I know.

My writing space never goes outside. And I’m no fan of writing at a Starbucks as many seem to think all writers do. I honestly believe that to be a douche bag thing to do. Pardon my polite mouth. I just don’t see the fun of typing out in the open,  that just bugs me. But I think Family Guy nailed the writers in the coffee sketch down, youtube it. (link here)

Yeah, shout out to Youtube and Family Guy, 619, West Coast, East Coast all that good stuff! ;)

Me: Why do you write?
Jesse: I write to be myself. There’s so much in the world that tries to keep you chained down. Keep you from being you. In today’s world if you’re idiotic and willing not to think outside the box, you’re handed everything. But the moment you want to be intelligent, insightful and truthful you’re hated for, it’s like you’ve committed the worst sin. It’s like the world is telling you “ How dare you think, how dare you make us think.” I can’t stand that. It kills me, it drains my soul.

Writing a novel, drawing comics, writing an article, writing poetry allows me to let my fears, anger, sadness, frustration, humorous, crazy, dark side  ,imagination just free. There’s no censorship, that’s me being me and that’s the only reason I even do anything. Cause if I’m not me, then I’m nothing. Life’s too short to be someone else. You have to be yourself.

Me: What do you hope to achieve with your writing?
Jesse: I just want to speak the truth, plain and simple. Create something I can look happily back upon and think about the great moments I had and just know I did right by it. The rest is out of my hand, it becomes what it becomes.

Me: Any advice for fellow writers?
Jesse: Sometimes you got to tell the world to fuck off. People will always find a problem with something. If you spend your entire life trying to please everyone, you’ll lose who you are and what you wanted to be.

In this world the outcome is the same. People will like, love, bash or despise you to the end. It’s out of your hands, all you can do is continue down your path. That’s all any of us can do. So, don’t waste those nights tossing or turning, if you’re happy with what you’ve done, then that’s all that matters.

Quick-fire questions:

Me: Fast food or home cooked meal?
Jesse: Both. It’s like sex, sometimes you want a cuddle and some clean fun, and sometimes you want to get down and dirty.
Me: Outdoors or indoors?
Jesse: Indoors, I got my kindle at home. Then again I can take it out. Right now it’s cold in Los Angeles, so I’ll go with indoors.
Me: Coffee or tea?
Jesse: Neither. I don’t really like them. If this was 1775 I would be banned from both sides. If you’re wondering what took place in 1775 , google your history sucker. Shout out to google and the American Revolution wooot woot! I was rooting for you red coats.
Me: Fork or spoon?
Jesse: Fork, you can use it to stab the other person and take their spoon. Going to throw this out, what the hell happened to the sprok, a lot of people not showing the spork some love. It’s the best of both worlds.

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