Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Guest Post: A fork in the road

A Fork In The Road is actually a guest post that I wrote for Emily Walker over at SelfPublishorDie.com in August. If you find this extract interesting, you can go over to the original post to read the whole thing.

Anyone who takes writing seriously has spared a thought about publishing options. Most serious writers want to get their stories out there. So, naturally, they research different options.
There are two clear routes down the road to publishing. One is Traditional and the other is Indie (self-publishing.) Often, writers spend a lot of their time – months even – weighing the pros and cons of both. It’s like coming to that proverbial fork in the road; only nowadays there isn’t path less travelled by. 
What if it wasn’t all so black and white? 
What if you could hike through the forest between the roads?
You can.
Click HERE to go to the original post and finish reading. Any comments on here or there would be muchly appreciated. :-)


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