Thursday, 20 September 2012

Official Update: Please Read

*Update on 12/03/13: I have yet to begin video reviews but am fully prepared start making them in the coming few months.*

This is a message to all of my regular visitors, and all of you new ones. I'm going to keep it short so you can all return to what you were doing in a few minutes.

Firstly, I owe you all an apology. I've been inundated with multiple things this year: exams, WriCha, starting college, essays, life etc... Unfortunately, this meant that I let my blog slip under the radar. For this, I am sorry. But, it will pick up shortly!

Starting October 2nd, Zoe's Corner will be back in business. Posts will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and for the first two to three months they will mainly be book reviews. (I might throw some other things in there.) As of last week, I'm not accepting requests for book reviews; my list is long and I'm focusing on clearing it for the new year. In 2013, book reviews will change. They will no longer be in text format, they will be videos. These short clips will be on YouTube and this blog for your viewing pleasure. I'm hoping that mixing the content of Zoe's Corner will make it both more appealing and accessible.