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Interview: Patricia T. Macias

Patricia is a romance author residing in Sacramento, California. Her debut novel Hot & Spicy is available on Amazon in paperback, hardback and kindle formats, as well as in bookstores and in Barnes & Noble. I advise that readers be 18+ as the novel contains erotic scenes. Links to her site, Facebook page and amazon page are at the end of the interview.

Me: Tell us a little about yourself.
Patricia: Hi, I'm Patricia T. Macias and I was born in San Jose, California. I'm married to a wonderful man, Jose Arturo. We have been married for thirty years. 

I have three awesome kids. My eldest is my daughter Erica, and then I have two boys. My middle son is Andres and my youngest son is Ricardo. I'm in love with my grandchildren and enjoy their escapades. I graduated from the University of Phoenix in 1999. 

I have a full time job and I write in the evenings and weekends. I enjoy reading romance and paranormal novels.  I also enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. 

Me: Have you always wanted to write – when did it start?
Patricia: Yes, I always wanted to write. It started when I was about eleven, twelve years old, lol.

Me: Hot & Spicy is the first in the saga.  What is the saga about?
Patricia: This novel is about Jose Enrique De La Cruz. He is the eldest of the thirteen cousins.
The saga takes place in California. Each novel is about one of cousin's unique love story. The Mexican traditions are strong in the De La Cruz family and the cousins struggle to honor their customs.
The De La Cruz family encounters conflict and threats from the Mexican cartel. The De La Cruz cousins fight to stay true to their integrity and beliefs in their struggle with the Mexican cartel. The family is assisted by the Navy Seals, FBI, and other government agencies. The De La Cruz's must overcome heartaches and obstacles before achieving their happy ending. 

These novels are written in Spanglish (very, very light Spanglish). The glossary is located in the back of the book. I believe it is an enjoyable and easy method to learn basic Spanish. 

Me: Take us through the writing process you had with Hot &Spicy.
Patricia: It all began with a dream. I dreamed my story over and over again. I decided to write this novel after several weeks of dreaming about all of these characters. 
I started brainstorming and organizing it into outlines.
I developed each character’s personalities, interests, and personal love story.
I kept on track and was able to create cohesive plots by using a calendar as a timeline.  I want to write feasible and believable stories that evolve around events that are transpiring in each cousin’s life in the same period of time.

Me: What has been the hardest part of all this so far?
Patricia: My biggest challenge has been the marketing of my novel. I’m learning and thoroughly enjoying promoting, meeting interesting people, and blogging. I truly wish I had started to write earlier in my life.

Me: What projects are you working on currently?
Patricia: The project I’m currently working on is Hot & Forbidden.
Hot & Forbidden is about two of the cousins falling in love. The forbidden is always enticing. How do Nicolas and Daniella deal with their forbidden love? Why is their love forbidden? How can they overcome the obstacles without losing their love? La familia has a secret. Can this be the key that will set their love free? Hot & Forbidden will be available in a few months.
Hot & Enchanting will be available at the end of the year or the beginning of 2013.
I also have the additional ten novels almost finished. I wrote each one as I progressed in writing Hot & Spicy. These novels interlock and evolve in the same period of time in each cousin’s life

Me: Any advice for fellow writers?
Patricia: I would advise fellow writers to be proud of their work and to own it. We all make mistakes. I have read lots of books and there are always some type of mistake in them. There will always be people that will love it and people that will hate it.  You will meet awesome fellow writers and readers that will make your day, lol.



  1. Thank you Zoe, it's been a pleasure.
    Patricia ♥

  2. Hi Patricia,

    Fun interview. You're the second writer I know who "dreamed" a book. How great you decided to put your dream on the page:)
    Chris K.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for checking out my interview. It took me a few weeks of dreaming to realize that it was a story line. The characters kept coming back, lol.
      Patricia ♥

  3. Hi -great blog. New follower here from Bookblogs. I'm already following Patricia -great interview and wise words. Inspiring -especially for me as I'm still working on book no.1! I think Patricia is the first person I've ever known to dream a book and it's interesting. Ideas come from all corners -mine just came out of the blue one day.
    I especially like your last comment, Patricia -be proud & own your work. It's essential I think and probably the only way a new writer will ever send work out. I wonder how many people have manuscripts hidden away. Thanks for this.

    1. Hi Suzy,
      Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad that my words encouraged you. Keep going! It's awesome to know that I'm reaching people in some small way. ☺ Thank you for taking time to check out my interview.
      Patricia ♥

  4. Hi Patricia,

    Great interview! And nice to learn more about you :)

    1. Hi Danita,
      It's wonderful that you took time to check out my interview. I truly appreciate it.
      Patricia ♥


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