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Guest Post: A Novel is born (Carlyle Labuschagne)

Carlyle Labuschagne is a talented writer from South Africa whose debut novel is being released this year. Like any writer, Carlyle has had her setbacks. This is her story.

I am now going to hand you over to the beautiful Carlyle. I hope you enjoy her post! :-)

Thank you to the gracious Zoe for a chance to tell my story, for a chance to inspire someone.

A Novel is born.

My journey has begun with THE BROKEN DESTINY and it is a journey I wish every writer out there to succeed in. To go for it – to make your dream happen. YES YOU CAN :)

At the end of 2009 it was my time, the right time; my entire life just came together in one single moment, in
one single feeling. For me it was as easy as breathing, the words spilled out of me and The Broken series was born. My first draft took 2 months to produce as a part time writer.
     2010 I took some time to further my knowledge of writing a novel and set out to qualify in a diploma at College SA in the writers craft in Novel writing. And what an extraordinary journey it was. For the first time I actually thought about plot planning, character development, how to present your novel, and all kinds of tricks to make your book more interesting.
     During Dec holidays of 2010 I took that knowledge and applied it to my work. And once the passion took hold, there was no holding it back. The final draft was written in 4 weeks and I had gained enough knowledge to start submitting.

Well that was just way too easy right? Boy was I wrong. I had at that stage only revised and self-edited twice. Little did I know I would be doing this for the next year?

But during that year I made so many online friends, book bloggers, writers, cover designers, book lovers, passionate people just like me, I also found the best community of support I could ever have imagined. My journey didn’t have to be a lonely one.
     I advise any writer to market themselves, build a network, reach out to people, and support others. Become a resource for others, and never live with fear, go with love and passion. If you want it, leap - fly. If you fall it will only make the top so much sweeter, and truer.

I have had many disappointments on this road, even some I could have prevented. I will never give up on achieving what I am set out to do. And I have to admit that this is by far the happiest I have ever been in my entire life, in turn that happiness has spilled into the rest of my life. Don’t ever live with regret - it is a fall.

For anyone setting out to write a novel. Research; learn us much as you can about delivering a great piece of work. The most important thing you can do for your book is editing, and proofreading. And the cover!!! Yes ashamed to say it, but we shop by covers. Edit it 20 times if you have to. Have it proofread more than once. It takes a village to bring your book to life, do not be ashamed to ask for assistance and offer assistance every chance you get, this all adds up to becoming a skillful author. Don’t let anything stop you climb to success. Produce the best quality work you possibly can, when you think your book is perfect, take a step back, take time and go at it again, it’s never done, as I sit her working on the final galley. (This is where your book has been formatted into print version. And once you see your book in different format – there will be a few more typos and errors to work on.) I still feel I can take it another round or two for a dash of sparkle or intensity here or there. But this butterfly needs to go… Some time when you part with something that has been your world for so long, its great feeling, a pure feeling, and it is sad to let her go… but here we go :) Best of luck and may your dreams come true.

“Don’t be crippled by fear, let love give you wings”
~Carlyle Labuschagne

Coming soon:
Her Destiny is to rise above the fall.
Twitter @CarlyleL


  1. Congratulations, Carlyle! And thanks for the inspiration and the advice. :) I can always do with a little of both.

  2. Zoe, Carlyle is a great choice for a guest post - she is such a positive, focused person! I loved reading her sparking bits of advice and finished off with a smile on my face. Great post and terrific website / blog overall!

    1. Thanks Carlyle,
      We are on the same journey. It was good to hear more of your story. My first novel, The Morningstar Project: Jenna's Journey comes out later this summer (august 2012)


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