Thursday, 21 June 2012

6 Twitter habits to avoid

So last week I posted about the 6 Twitter Habits To Adopt, and before that I had posted Why you’re losing followers – and how to stop it happening. Today, I am posting the 6 Twitter Habits to Avoid.
There are some particularly annoying things that tweeps do, and you should be careful not to become one of those people. Below are these annoying things:


It sure seems a good idea at first; it’s direct and to the point, so they can’t miss it.
The problem with auto messaging people, if you’re promoting something in the message, is that the chances are you haven’t hit your target audience. Sure, people who follow you are interested in the same thing, or just like your picture, but they are a whole range of ages. This makes for ineffective marketing.

If you’re just sending out ‘Thanks for the follow’ auto messages, they’ll probably get ignored. Or lost. Often important messages get swallowed up and hidden amongst the spam and auto messages. Sometimes because there are so many unimportant messages surrounding them , and sometimes because the person has stopped looking at DMs because of the constant spam and auto DMs.

Don’t do it, it’s pointless.


It’s unnecessary, tacky and off-putting. ‘Nuff said.


There’s something different about the wiring of a tweeps brain. You see, after using twitter for a while  an automatic process begins. A tweeps brain will skim a tweet, register whether it is worth a deeper look and then move on...all in a couple of seconds. If your tweet is the full 140 characters, filled with big words, multiple hashtags or long links (or all of those) then the brain will stop at skimming it. It won’t even process the information. Why? Because it’s Twitter.

Twitter is at its most effective when filled with short, sharp, to-the-point tweets. Anything more belongs on Facebook.


Unfortunately, Twitter is riddled with tweeps who play this pesky game. They follow you, and because they share the same interests or tweet cool stuff, you follow back. You know what’s coming next...they unfollow you.

People do this when they want a lot of potential customers, or just to be ‘Twitter famous’. Some people never notice they’ve been unfollowed. Luckily, you can keep an eye on your followers to see who decides to play this game. All you have to do is use managing software, which I mentioned in my habits to adopt post.

Then again, you can spot these people easily because their following number is waaayy lower than their followers number. Don’t play the game – you’ll most likely get caught.


Pretty self-explanatory really – you go online, retweet a bunch of crap for five minutes solid, clog up your followers’ timelines so they can’t see the good stuff, and then log off.

This is a sure fire way to lose a lot of followers.


Don’t confuse this with scheduling tweets. Scheduling tweets is good for saving time and recycling old blog posts etc.

Tweet cycles are when someone schedules a day’s worth of tweets and then sets it on loop. This means those same tweets, in the same order, get posted. Every day. Forever. Well, until they get the hint and stop it. But some never get the hint.

Why is tweet cycling bad? Because you’re never actually tweeting. Your followers don’t know you, they know those crappy links you keep sending their way. They’ll just unfollow you, because you’re not giving them anything worth hanging around for.

Oh, and sometimes these people actually tweet a real, unplanned tweet. Once in a blue moon. Dn’t get excited, it doesn’t mean they’re changing!

So there you have it.

Do you have any Twitter pet peeves? Have you noticed any other bad habits? Do you agree with my suggestions?



  1. I wish people would not assume automatic follow back just because they are following you. I get that it's "the thing" now. However, I really don't care how many followers I have (maybe that makes me a freak).

    If someone follows me and starts talking to me, then I for certain follow back.

    I may be wrong and people don't get upset when I don't automatically follow them back, but if they do, then I'm sorry.

    I follow people I want to follow and I follow back people who talk to me cause I do like to chat.

    I guess I think if someone is going to follow an average nobody like me it's cause we have something in common and they want to talk.

    This may come under the follow/unfollow game.

    I guess that's all I have to say about that.

    Although I do wish people would stop with spammy that Get Glue! It drives me INSANE!

    Is there a nice way to tell someone that it's annoying and you are going to stop following them if they don't stop. I get that it's likely an auto-tweet sort of thing, but fer cryin out loud.

    Okay...rant really over now

    Moon aka @mythmoonwitch

    1. Haha! I see I have sparked some anger inside you!

      No, what you said doesn't fall into the follow-unfollow category. Nothing like it at all :-)

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Not anger so much as mild annoyance. It puts me off twitter sometimes.

    Especially that Get Glue thing. There should be a way to block it or something without potentially hurting someone's feelings.

    It's tempting sometimes to put in my bio that I won't follow back automatically or will follow back if chatty, but why should I have to put that up especially. Doesn't seem right. Oh well


  3. I will probably have to get Twitter eventually, so this is good to know. :)

    1. Twitter is a fantastic marketing device, you won't regret using it! :-)

  4. I love Twitter, but it drives me nuts when someone ONLY uses it to post links to their blog. It's called social media for a reason. I usually unfollow peeps who do that. I like to talk. :D

    1. "It's called social media for a reason."

      That's what everyone needs to remember! I agree with you :-)

  5. I'm Chatty Cathy on Twitter, and if you are unfamiliar with the doll, or not of my generation, please forgive me for usually being happy on twitter and talking to you. Those who speak back, share good ideas, are supportive of others - you know I will pull your string to hear you RT as many times as makes you happy. I have no pet peeves, we are all different.

    1. Being really chatty on Twitter is a great thing - it's how everyone should be.

      I agree that everyone is different, and that's why some people are less accepting - or understanding - of those who do these things.

      Of course there is a time when the person is very active or supportive on twitter and other things are accepted easier - such as constant retweets.

      I'd love to be able to be as accepting as you are, but it gets the better of me! :-)


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