Friday, 4 May 2012

Writing update #3

*Peers round at everyone*
Hey! Um, so I haven't updated you in nearly a month...
But I'm here to update you now! So, sit back with your drink and read.

I finished writing my novelette around a week after my last writing update. It finished at approximately 1,000 words. I was, am, so happy to see it finished. Alas, this is just the beginning of the journey. After finishing a first draft it's best to let it sit for a while. That 'while' can be as long as a writer needs. During this time
you can work on something else, or not write at all. I haven't touched it since. I've read it through and decided it was good, but I could improve it a million and one ways. The next thing to do is to revise the story. This involves a lot of thinking to start with. I still haven't got past the thinking stage, but more on that later.

As you may have seen— if you ever look at the tabs underneath the title of my blog— I published a Writing Projects page. This will have the more major updates on such as a blurb, word count, title change. It saves me subjecting you to these posts ever week. ;-) Feel free to check it out, you can even comment on that page.

So, I've actually looked at the submission pages of a few smaller publishing companies. I know it's early days, but I'm exploring my options. I know, I know; I said I wasn't going to try and get published until after university...blah blah blah. I changed my mind. (You'll see that a lot here!) I have adopted a 'screw it, if it happens, it happens' attitude towards writing. I'm not disregarding self-pub at all; like I said, I'm exploring my options. I have a question though, for you guys: Would you prefer three separately published books or a three-in-one book? Please comment below with your preference.

I've actually been writing something different recently. It's an Upper YA (16-19) paranormal read. I was making good progress— as those of you on twitter might have seen— and I got the manuscript up to 7,000 words in 3 days. Unfortunately, MS Word decided to corrupt my file. (I posted about this error on facebook, here.) I lost most of the manuscript. I haven't got around to building that word count up again yet; I don't have to time any more. Which brings me onto my final subject...


Due to the fact that I have 13 upcoming exams in the next month and a bit, I'll be trying to avoid posting. Of course, if an interview comes in and I have a spare 5 minutes, I'll post it. Same with a guest post. They are both low maintenance posts that require a small amount of time to post once completed. 

But don't worry, I'll be back just before July with something big and fabulous to share. That's a promise. I haven't quite figured out what it is yet, but there will be something. If my creativity fails me; it'll be a giveaway. Aren't I nice?

Obviously, there won't be another writing update post for the next two/three months as I won't be writing. I'll be revising (for exams, not books.)

Until next time!


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