Monday, 14 May 2012

#WriCha: July Writing Challenge

Hey, hey, hey!

So, I promised something special in July to make up for my absence in the next two months. I wracked my brains and came across something that had been sitting there for a while. An idea involving prompts. That's all it was. Not any more! I opened a word document and started writing prompts, then I limited the amount to 10 and started some bullet points on what my 'big gift' would entail.

#WriCha was born!
If you haven't already noticed,
WriCha is Writing Challenge. Yes...I was that original.

So, what is #WriCha?

#WriCha is the following:

  • They have until July 1st to write a short story between 2,000-5,000 words (including) using one of ten prompts I provide
  • The deadline for sending the final product is June 30th at midnight
  • More than one writer can choose the same prompt (two max per prompt)
  • They must write at least 100 words a day (Every other day if they must)
  • They have to give me a weekly update on progress so that you guys can keep track of the fun!
  • Each piece will be posted on my Blog first but can be posted on their own from July 25th onwards
  • All writers involved will receive promotion from me on any social platforms I use

Of course, you can promote them too!

Towards the end of July I will host a mass give away as the finale. It will include e-books from an array of authors. All I ask is that you comment below and tell me if you like Rafflecopter giveaways? I know some people don't like them and I want to go with the majority.

This is the list of current participants:

  1. Claire Smith
  2. Reggie Scott Whitley
  3. Jean Booth
  4. Jessica Wentz
  5. Charlotte Blackwell
  6. Carlyle Labuschagne
  7. Timony Souler

I have a few borderline yeses to clear up before I add any more! They will be added to this list if they're participating so check back every so often.

As I said, they will give me weekly updates so 'like' the facebook page or follow me on twitter to keep updated. You can also track the #WriCha hashtag on twitter to see any updates/tweets from the writers themselves!

I may be making this a yearly meme; so show your support and like/comment/follow. If all goes well I may even have bigger plans for #WriCha... ;-)

Don't forget to comment!

Enjoy your week!



  1. This sounds like a blast!! If I wasn't neck deep in other commitments I would be so game. I will definatley add the link to my website. Also, I read your post on Ashley Nixon's blog and really enjoyed it :)


    1. Thanks for your interest, Andrea!
      I'm glad you liked the guest post. :-)

  2. I'm very excited about this Zoe and have already started. I have no idea how I'm going to keep this short. lol! TTYL! ;)

  3. I'm so excited!!! I already have an idea brewing in my mind :) Thanks for inviting me to the challenge!


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