Monday, 9 April 2012

Writing update #2

It's been, what, three weeks since my first 'writing update' post? That's a lot of time in the writing world. Before I unload what's happened in those three weeks, I feel the need to explain myself properly first.

In the last post, I mentioned that I didn't want to publish until after University. Then I went on to say that I am going to self-publish before I graduate in five or so years. That doesn't seem to make sense, right? That's because I didn't phrase it properly and I missed out one key piece of information: I want to publish traditionally.

Traditionally means
that I want to go through the gruelling process of finding and agent, receiving multiple rejection letters and finally (hopefully) land a publishing contract with a publishing house like HarperCollins. The good thing about self-pub is that you can cut out all of the rejections and agents and get your work out there on your terms. Obviously, if you want your book to go anywhere, you have to invest some time and money into editing and cover art etc...
Although time is still needed, you put what time you can into it, instead of having to put all of your time into it and abandoning everything else. Okay, I'm confident that I cleared that up now. Moving on...


After three weeks, I am happy to announce that my novella is about 1,000-2,000 words away from completion. At a total of 13k so far, it does, however, look like I've ended up writing a novelette and not a novella. The difference? Novelettes are, strictly, between 7,500 and 17,499 words. Painstakingly precise, isn't it?

So, because of the fact that it is near completion, the time is right to shed some light on my work...

After some deliberation, I decided to write a story inspired by a fairytale. After all, fairy tales are short stories of around 1,000 words. That meant that it would be easy to expand on the core premise of the story and control it so that it didn't end up a 100,000 word novel. I took some time looking at different traditional fairy tales. The obvious ones to choose would have been Snow White and Cinderella, but there have been so many films and books based on those two tales alone, that it would seem too cliché. As a child, I enjoyed reading about Rapunzel, so, naturally, I chose to write a story inspired by that particular fairytale.

A lot of people think that basing a story on something so well known or writing a story obviously inspired by a popular tale, is a stupid idea or a big risk. But, as my friend and fellow writer, Thomas Amo, says: "You cannot copyright an idea." I am not stealing the idea, I am adapting it, therefore, I should have nothing to worry about.

Besides, last time I checked, Rapunzel didn't have mystical creatures in it.

Keep tuned for more!


  1. Sounds like you're on a role! Congrats! I hope to keep up with the final product release on Twitter. Keep up the awesome pace!

    1. Thanks Rana! :-) I'll keep twitter updated, that's a promise! Hope your endeavours are as successful!

      Btw, nice blog :-)

  2. Keep up the good work, you sound as though you are finding the whole process exciting and rewarding.

    1. Thanks Carole! I am finding it both exciting and rewarding.:-)


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