Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Lucky 7 meme

Helllooooo :-)

So, Thomas Amo, author of An apple for Zoe and Lets get Lade, has tagged me as one of his lucky seven. This means that I have to go to the 77th page of my current WiP, go down seven lines and then post the next seven lines after that on here. Simple enough. Unfortunately, the manuscript for Tainted Blood (working title) only has 62 pages! To compensate for this, I am going to give you seven lines from two manuscripts. I am using page 7 instead— after all, this is called lucky seven. The rules state that I am not allowed to modify these lines before I post (luckily I've found no spelling errors!) and I cannot give you any explanation to the events prior to the scene you read.

Here it goes!

Lines from Tainted Blood

Sera's knuckles automatically clenched; she'd had enough snide comments to last her a lifetime. Turning to face the girls, who were now walking behind her, she glared at the middle one. The one who had spoken. "I'm sorry, have I offended you in any way?" She questioned. The girl blinked at Sera. It was obvious her two followers were waiting for a clever retort, but the girl remained silent. She narrowed her eyes at Sera, "Whatever, freak!" 

Lines from Ensnared

I found out over a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon and sausage that the kind warlock's name was Alaric Swarov. The manor was a thing of beauty; it was decorated in the finest artwork around. I felt like I should not have even been walking on the pristine oak floors. As it turned out Alaric had a handful of housemaids and servants that lived in the a few of the many bedrooms, and kept the manor in tip-top condition. It all made me wonder if Alaric was royalty in the magical world. I couldn't ask him; it would be much too embarrassing. He showed me to a large bedroom with fine furniture and an adjoining bathroom— my room.  

So, what do you think?

And now, I shall announce my lucky seven— in the hope that they'll do their own post.

  1. Blaire Kensley
  2. Raine Thomas
  3. Chelsea Fine
  4. Steven Montano
  5. Reggie Scott Whitley
  6. Alison Strachan
  7. Amanda Leigh Cowley
Happy writing!


  1. Zoe!!! I was of course correct, your sneak peek is FAB!!!

  2. Nikki Harrington20 April 2012 at 18:12

    Interesting.... so do I get a sneaky peek?

    1. If you must ;-)

      Haha, of course you can, you know that!


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