Friday, 16 March 2012

Writing update #1


So this is the first in a series of posts where I tell you whats going on in my writing. I know that this might appeal to other writers that like to read up on other's progress rather than everyone, but it's something I'm trying out. Feel free to comment!

So, depending on whether you follow me on twitter, you may or may not know that since January I've been working on a paranormal YA (working title Tainted Blood.) It's been going great!
Since January I've managed to squeeze in just over 30,000 words between exams, school and life. For me, that's an achievement in itself as none of my previous works, which will remain collecting dust until the end of time, reached anywhere near that word count. I had a bumpy start with that WiP (Work in Progress) as it was originally in first person, then third, then back to first and so on (it's now in third person, in case you're wondering!) Also, It started off as one book and then became a trilogy. Then I stopped myself after 15,000 words and realised it wouldn't work as a trilogy.
That's when I came up with a new idea on how to go about this premise. I wanted to extend the original idea-- of the one-book-story-- into two books aptly named Part 1 and Part 2. I still have some work to do in regards to the plot now but I feel like I've finally found the correct point of view and the best way to publish the story.

Then I procrastinated. A lot.

Taking my age into account I realised that even if I wrote, edited and polished both 'parts' of the story, I might still be waiting years to publish. Why? Because I have ambitions. I want to graduate university with a degree and I want to put everything I have into getting that degree. Publishing a book and keeping up with readers etc would seriously eat away at my time.
When Simon Poore, a Sci-Fi writer, heard this he suggested I self-publish a collection of short stories sometime during the next five years before graduation.

I had thought about that before. It had been suggested by my relatives previously also.
But the idea of trying to write short stories, simply put, terrifies me.

I am not one of those people that can condense a plot, character development and description (no matter how little description) successfully in 10,000 words or less. The very thought of trying makes my brain want to explode. But, I don't want to dismiss the idea altogether.

So guess what?

I'm writing a Novella instead.

Keep checking this blog for my next post with clues about the novella & my writing journey.

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