Sunday, 5 February 2012

Why you're losing followers-- and how to stop it happening.

Okay, so I decided I needed to post seen as I’ve been neglecting my blog and my readers recently. No matter how awesome the interview with Charlotte is, it doesn't completely make up for my absence. Of course once you decide to post you have to actually decide what to post. Then you have to write it.

As a lover of Twitter I decided what the hell and started to write this post. I haven’t done one like this before so your feedback in the comments would help a lot! Here we go! :-)

1. You ignore your followers.

No one wants to follow someone who will never engage in polite conversation. If they check your profile and none of your tweets are to other tweeps then they won’t follow. Why? People like to talk to others with similar interests and hobbies. It’s human nature to socialise and new technology has made that easier than ever. Take advantage of it and start a conversation with some of your followers (if I was an idealist I’d say talk to all of them!) It will benefit you in more ways than one. New friends, more followers and new possibilities.

2. You Retweet garbage.

‘Win this…’ ‘Join this…’ ‘Check out my cat sneezing…’
Ok, so I personally haven’t seen that last one but you get the idea. Another twitter-turn-off is when you scroll through someone’s profile and they actually never tweet. Everything on their page has been created by another tweep and they just went crazy on that little button. It’s even worse when they retweet things that no one cares about and end up cluttering their poor followers timelines. Go easy on the retweet button and consider what you’re sharing with those followers. Try writing your own tweets; they can’t connect with you if they have no idea what you’re like. Each of your original tweets shows them part of your personality.

3. You’re all sell, sell, sell.

This is another thing that puts people off. If you cram the same links to your ‘awesome’ product/book/site down their throats and never actually tweet normal things then they will hit that un-follow button. The main purpose of Twitter is a to socialise with people it would otherwise be impossible to. Yes, it can be used as a marketing tool but only in doses. The most effective way to sell your product and keep/gain followers is to embed your marketing tweets amongst other tweets. Obviously, your followers have an interest in what your product relates to; feed that interest. Tell them things in that subject that will captivate them and get them to read your tweets on a regular basis. For example, if your followers are interested in politics: “What’s everyone’s take on Chris Huhne resigning?” It’s not hard to start a conversation on something as simple as that.

4. You’re everywhere or nowhere.

This one is obvious enough. If you hardly tweet at all (not even retweets) you’re likely to miss out on potential followers. No one will follow someone who’s never online-- what would they get out of that? Nothing. Make an effort to tweet at least once a day and that’ll be an improvement. If you can’t manage even a  tweet a week-- or equivalent-- then you might as well delete your account.
On the other hand, reach the hourly limit every hour or so every single day then stop. There will be so many tweets flooding out of your account followers won’t bother to keep up. How could they separate the tweets that would interest them from the crap? Take it easy and reduce that amount of stuff you tweet. If you’re struggling then stop before each tweet and think ‘Will my followers appreciate this?’ If they won’t, don’t tweet it.

5. You think you’re popular.

You are not the best thing since sliced bread.
I will never understand how people can retweet every single mention they receive. What is the point of that? Your followers don’t want to see everything other tweeps are saying to you. It clogs up our timelines and soon we grow tired of it. Guess what? That un-follow button becomes so tempting they give in. Stop doing it. There is no benefit for you or your followers by sharing all of your mentions. It doesn’t make you seem popular at all.

If it isn’t obvious yet: your followers are what make you successful. Keeping them in mind when you tweet is extremely important. After all, if you don’t, you might not have any followers to tweet for. Take my advice and watch your twitter account blossom.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Also, if no one responds to tweet you write, don't get all egotistical & tweet arsey rubbish like 'why are none of you listening to ME??!'. It's meant to be a conversation not a monologue...

  2. I had a good chuckle at this, it's so true! The most important thing for me is that I unfollow people who are ANNOYING, and all of those above points are just that! I don't know why people think it's a good idea lol. :/

  3. @James Everington

    That is a good point also! Some people need to grasp the purpose of twitter before they go further.

    @Sarah Flight

    I do the same. If someone gets on my nerves I un-follow them. Glad, you agree with my points; I wrote them because those were the things I felt annoyed me the most!

    Cheers for the comments guys! :-)

  4. I loved this and it's a good reminder how much spam annoys me, so I take it to heart and realize I'm not sliced bread. I came on Twitter kicking and screaming as I didn't want to be sent, 'I'm blowing my nose, I just read War and Peace in the loo," Thanks Zoe...
    I wanted to RT this blog then I thought...oh wait...would that be bad? lol. Now I'm puzzled what do i do? (kidding). Love the blog!

  5. Lol. My problem is that I get busy and I can't get on for a couple days! The spam does annoy me, as well as all the people trying to sell things. I feel like there's a creative way to do that...and it's not all in your face! haha. Now I'm going to compare everything I do to this post to make sure I'm not being annoying! LOL.

  6. I hate to say it--but your blog is very difficult to read--especially the red fonts. Am I the only one having trouble reading it?

  7. I do understand your difficulty Hope; I have just changed the colour theme of my blog and there are still issues that need to be resolved. Unfortunately, blogger is limited on changing specific chunks of text which is frustrating. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.



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