Sunday, 5 February 2012

Why you're losing followers-- and how to stop it happening.

Okay, so I decided I needed to post seen as I’ve been neglecting my blog and my readers recently. No matter how awesome the interview with Charlotte is, it doesn't completely make up for my absence. Of course once you decide to post you have to actually decide what to post. Then you have to write it.

As a lover of Twitter I decided what the hell and started to write this post. I haven’t done one like this before so your feedback in the comments would help a lot! Here we go! :-)

1. You ignore your followers.

Interview: Charlotte Blackwell

Charlotte Blackwell is the author of the YA Paranormal-romance book series THE EMBRACE SERIES. And also the Embrace series companion book THE BOOK OF SHADOWS. Before she became a stay at home mom and author, Charlotte worked in a special care nursery for ill and pre-term babies. You can visit her site here or follow her on Twitter @charblackwell.

Read on for the interview!