Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Interview: Paul Hilton

You can find Paul Hilton on his blog, website or Twitter. He also has a profile on Amazon and his books can be found on SmashWords.

Without further ado...

Me: Tell us a little about yourself. 
Paul: I live in Hereford England with two Westies and three cats, my wife recently passed away bringing dramatic changes to my life. I have attended a multitude of Creative Writing seminars and courses covering just about every aspect of writing and I have been writing on a regular basis for the last ten years.
I have three series on the go at the moment, they are: Midfright Tales, Kara and Penhexen.

Me: On your website you say that you had many attempts at writing but then you put it aside. What made you put down that pen?
Paul: Yes, that’s right. When I was in my teens I wrote a few songs for local bands, then I decided I would try to write something a little more serious, but it just didn’t work out. Getting a little older I decided that a world of adventure would broaden my horizons, so I joined Her Majesties Armed Forces – I had such a good time I stayed until I had to retire.
Once more I was a civilian with less adventure and more time, so I grabbed the pen. Hopefully, it’ll be mightier than the sword for me this time.

Me: What made you write your most recent novel (Kara, isn’t it?)
Paul: Yes, Kara and the Amulet of Amun-Ra was my most recent story, but it wasn’t my last to be published. I wrote it because there just doesn’t seem to be enough ‘go-getter, doer types’ of teenage girl characters in the book world today. Of course she doesn’t start out like that, but with an antagonist like Grimm she soon develops into a feisty young lady ready for her next book.

Me: You write for children, currently older children, but what made you want to write for that age range?
Paul: Although I think my stories are suitable for young adults as well. I try to aim my stories towards the early to mid-teens age group, as I find that they are quite impressionable and open to a greater range of ideas and situations than older adults or younger children.

Me: Is it easier? Have you ever tried your hand at writing for an older audience?
Paul: No, I certainly don’t think it’s easier in any way. In fact, it’s probably a lot more difficult as children tend to get deeper into a story than most adults. I have done a few short stories for adults, but I’ve got a few cunning plans for the future – so watch this space.  

Me: Which has been your favourite short story or book to write? and why?
Paul: My favourite one, I think, was ‘CURSES’. It’s quite long for a short story – over 6000 words, but it just seemed to flow from my fingers. I had written the complete story in less than two days, then a couple of days editing to complete it. It features in Midfright Tales One.

Me: Are you planning on releasing anything new in the year ahead?
Paul: I’ve got big plans for 2012. For Easter I intend to release ‘Midfright Two’, and in late summer it will be ‘Kara and the Golden Sphinx’, then for Christmas the second in the series of Penhexen. It’s going to be a very busy period for me as I’ll also be starting a few other projects.

Me: Any advice you want to give to fellow writers?
Paul: My advice is to read a lot and write more. The reading brings new ideas and possibilities to life. The writing gives you stamina, 2000 words a day is a lot and like any exercise only regular keyboard bashing will get you there. But above all be confident in your writing and believe in it – if you don’t, nobody else will!

Quick-fire questions:

Me: Dinner or Dessert?   
Paul: DESSERT! After the main it’s nice to have a little sweetness in your life.
Me: Summer or Winter?  
Paul: SUMMER, love to sit and write in the garden.
Me: Vampire or Werewolf?  
Paul: VAMPIRE, they have such clean teeth!
Me: Fast food or a home-cooked meal? 
Paul: HOME COOKED, but I think I’ll be too busy for that. ;)

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