Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Interview: Blaire Kensley

Blaire Kensley is an unpublished writer from Austin, Texas who lives with her husband and- in her words- evil cat. She has a degree in English and Creative Writing and her series THE CREED is curently under re-writes. For more information on Blaire, and short summary on her series, you can visit her blog at (this link).

Me: Tell us a little about yourself
Blaire: I write YA fiction, among other things. I love to read almost as much as I enjoy writing. I'm currently working on a dark supernatural thriller series called "The Creed" which I hope to see published someday. I live in North Texas with my husband and our narcissistic cat, Daisy.

Me: Have you always wanted to write? When did it all start?
Blaire: Ever since I could read, I wanted to write. I remember my 4th grade year my teacher assigned us a project to write a story about anything we wanted to...and it was truly in those moments that I completely fell in love with stories and the art of story telling.

Me: Could you take us through the process you've had with 'The Creed'?
Blaire: The original idea I had for "The Creed" is nothing like the story that it's become today. It's definitely evolved and in many ways taken on a whole life of its own. The idea to write "The Creed" came to me about two years ago, so its been a process with me now deep into edits and revisions to hopefully begin the submission process very soon.  But I'm very ready and excited to finally bring this phase to a conclusion so that I may hopefully begin querying and start on Book 2 of my series. *fingers crossed*

Me: So what is 'The Creed' about?
Blaire: THE CREED is a dark supernatural thriller series that takes us into the dark world of the fallen and the Nephilim (a hybrid race of angels and humans) where 18-year-old Ava Cormac discovers that not only is she a Nephilim, but she is believed to be the key to an ancient prophecy that the dark world has long anticipated.  But in order to protect those that she loves Ava must race against time to find The Lost Prophecy before the plan of the fallen is complete and a new reign on earth begins. A reign in which the world is consumed by the forces of darkness, who hold only one primary purpose...the annihilation of humanity.

Me: What gave you inspiration for your novel?
Blaire: It really was very random and one of those chance sort of moments.  My husband and I were driving down the road one afternoon when this character just sort of popped into my head and after that my imagination just took over.  I nearly dumped my entire purse onto the car's passenger floor board so I could finally jot down general thoughts and ideas bashing around in my head on a crumbled piece of receipt paper I had in my purse to hopefully help me remember for later. And that's pretty much how "The Creed" was born...random, I know.

Me: Have you got any advice you want to give to fellow writers?
Blaire: Honestly, just write & read. Read, read, read! And write, write, write! Every writer, even the best of the best of us, has to begin somewhere. Just do it & good luck!

Quick Fire Questions:

Me: Fork or Spoon?
Blaire:Oh. I'm definitely a spoon.
Me: Dinner or Dessert?
Blaire: Dessert, absolutely. ;-)
Me: Summer or winter?
Blaire: Winter. Texas summers are brutal BUT the winters are pleasingly mild.
Me: Computer or Cell?
Blaire: Computer.
Me: Vampire or Werewolf?
Blaire: Hm. That's a tough one, but I'll have to say Vampire. I think the shedding would eventually start to get to me. ;-)

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