Sunday, 6 November 2011

Pilot Post

Hello there!
If you've visited this URL before and are completely baffled at what you now see; that's to be expected! You see I had a blog on on here- Blogger- using this URL but it needed changing drastically. It had no structure, I wasn't posting because I didn't like my blog and it looked pretty boring; so I just deleted it!

This is my new, improved and (hopefully) better blog which will be used regularly and the posts will have an actual subject/reason. If you have a Blogger account, feel free to follow me. Or you could bookmark this site onto your, well, bookmarks. If you want to do it the hard way then memorise the URL!

Come back soon!

My first few posts will be recycled from my old blog.
Oh, and, if you want to express your view on the new look:
comment on this post or contact me (you'll find details on Contact page!)

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  1. Very nice, Zoe!!! Looking forward to the new posts. ;-)


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