Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cleaning up that grammar! #1

Literacy and grammar are two things we don't always get right. For example- during a good scene- it's easy to get lost in the action and to let our pen/fingers whisk us away. When we read it all over it seems fine...that is until you begin to question that comma, hyphen and semi-colon. Or whether you've used the right were/where your/you're excetera.

Some of you might be reading this with a that's-not-me attitude. That's fine; maybe you don't do this. Or maybe you just haven't picked up on it yet.

Now there are many things I could advise you on. I won't include them all because that would take hours! (Days even.) Now down to the nitty gritty...

Let’s start with the basics: CAPITALIZATION. It's so simple but when using new terminologies, especially made-up stuff, it often leaves us uming and aring. We use capital letters for: the beginning of a sentence, personal titles, months and d

Wait! What am I doing?

I've changed my mind! (Sorry!)
This post will consist of a few helpful links to other author/writer blogs that have done a similar or short post on grammar. Then I'm going to show you almost everything there is to know.

Prefixes and pronouns, comparatives and clauses, interjections and double negatives: if you pulled a face at any of these words then maybe I should get cracking!

Each week, or fortnight, i'll post something dedicated to one of 39 grammar rules (there may be more - I don't know!) and take you for a spin! They won't be (too) boring and I won't write five pages; I'm not that nasty! *Evil grin*

The Posts:
Grammar and You - Janice Hardy 
Send Up The (Red) Flag - Janice Hardy
Good Grammar Habits For Writers - Melissa Donovan
Grammar bascics for fiction writers - Rachel Ann Nunes

Until next time!

P.S The first official 'Cleaning up that grammar' post will be on prefixes and suffixes.


  1. Whoo!! I need this. LOL.
    I don't like applying rules, I just want to be able to DO something, does that makes sense? Lol. That's not how it works for me though, I've had to study grammar...and I'm still not very good. :/
    Ohh well...that's what your blog is for! :D

  2. It does make sense and i'm glad that you'll find these posts helpful! :)


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